The following are the new provisions that will allow you to work safely and in compliance with the law:

* The studio ensures daily cleaning and periodic sanitation of the premises, environments, workstations. At the end of the shift, the environment will be sanitized, including the surfaces that can be touched (handles, stands, lights, tables, etc.).

* The studio makes available, before entering the spaces, hand sanitizers, it is also recommended the frequent cleaning of the hands with water and soap that you will find in the bathroom, we will also make available to all shoe covers ( it will be mandatory to wear them) and disposable gloves (Not mandatory).

* For the sanitization done at the end of each shift and for all the materials made available we require a contribution of: € 10 for 2/5 hours session or € 20 for 6/8 hours


1) The maximum number of people allowed is 12 and masks are mandatory to enter in the studio, which will NOT be provided by the Studio.

2) The body temperature will be detected using a non-contact laser thermometer and for your privacy the acquired data will not be recorded. If this temperature is higher than 37.5 °, access to the spaces will not be allowed.

3) Entry, transit and exit procedures, using predefined methods, routes and timing, in order to reduce the opportunities for contact. It will not be allowed to park in the common areas, coffee breaks, smoking areas etc. In general, the safety distance between subjects of at least one meter must be respected.

4) If the job requires you to work at an interpersonal distance of less than one meter such as for HS and MUA in the studio, gloves must be mandatory (NOT provided by the Studio)

Requests should be sent via email to the address: